About Zion

The mandate of Zion Church is to follow Jesus; His teaching, His example, His life lived, making earth look like heaven. As indiviuals and together as a church family.

Our Senior Leaders

Zion Church

Josh & Elise and their sons; Harry and Elijah.

Josh and Elise met over twenty years while they were both involved in youth ministry in their local churches. They have been happily married for seventeen years and have two amazing sons; Harry & Elijah.

After Josh had a life-changing encounter at the start of 2009, the Lord propelled them into itinerant ministry. Since that time, they have ministered throughout the USA, Australia, Japan, PNG, Fiji, Malaysia & Myanmar.

Over the years, they’ve personally seen thousands saved through their ministry and baptised almost as many in water and the Holy Spirit. As well as countless miracles, signs and wonders and have been directly involved in teaching, training and equipping thousands of saints in those nations.

Josh is ordained under Harvest Chapel in Abbottstown, PA in the U.S.A. Josh & Elise are also a part of the Bethel Leaders Network as well as connected with many other ministries and leaders both in Australia and globally such as Lifestyle Christianity, YWAM and Iris Global.

What We Believe

Mission Statement

We believe that God is good, Jesus is perfect theology and that salvation is by grace through faith.

God implores all to repent and be baptised in water and with the Holy Spirit. And that the baptism of the Holy Spirit enables personal transformation and the outward demonstration of the power of God on the earth and to this day.

We believe that the kingdom of God looks like family. And we have the privilege of partnering with Him to expand His family through living lives full of His love and supernatural power.

We greatly value prayer, communion, expressions of worship, missions, the preaching of the gospel and the teaching of scripture. Making disciples of Jesus who know their Father, believe His word, understand their identity as children of God, heirs of God and are passionate about the family of God. Disciple-making disciples, partnering with heaven to fulfill the Great Commission together as a family.

To be a people both as individuals and together as a church family “Where Heaven Meets Earth”.


Our Faith

  1. God is a good father

    God is good and He can be trusted. Bad things happen because we live in a fallen world, everyone has free will as well as our enemy who actively seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

  2. Jesus and His life lived

    We believe that Jesus is the most normal Christian and we are called to “follow Him.” His teachings, His example and His life lived.

  3. The Bible

    The bible is not only divinely inspired, but the source and final authority for all theology rightly dividing the word through understanding covenant context.

  4. The Holy Spirit is our helper

    The necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit for personal transformation and empowerment to fulfill the Great Commission.

  5. Personal relationship

    God desires relationship with us and it’s up to every believer to develop that intimacy with Him.

  6. We can walk in wholeness

    By believing the truth about God, we see the truth about who we are as His born again children. Knowing this Truth revealed through Jesus enables transformation; spirit, soul and body, empowering us to “walk as He walked”.

  7. God values family

    The kingdom of God looks like family. We believe that we were created for healthy genuine family, that honours God and each other.

  8. We are on a mission

    The great commission calls us to share the “good news” and to live out the kingdom everywhere we go and touching every area of our lives in supernatural love and power.